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Comparative Study of Traditional Protocols with Advanced Cache Coherence Protocols

Shailender Kumar



Cache coherence problem in chip multiprocessor (CMP) architecture has always been an important area of research. Despite of having a number of classes of protocols for solving this problem, researchers are still eager to explore various possibilities of improvement in the performance of the cache coherency protocols. In this paper, we studied and compared three cache coherency protocols for CMP architecture proposed very recently. These protocols are important because of their non-traditional approach to solve the coherency problem. We started our paper with an overview of the traditional protocol classes and tried to figure out the limitations of these traditional approaches. Then, we presented three recent cache coherency protocols ideas and did a comparative study in between these protocols.

Keywords: CMP, CSC, LCC, library cache coherence, advance cache coherence, directory cache-coherence, snooping cache, DiCo-CMP

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Shailender Kumar. Comparative Study of Traditional Protocols with Advanced Cache Coherence Protocols. Journal of Advanced Database Management & Systems. 2017; 4(3): 6–13p.

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