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Dynamic Update and Public Auditing with Dispute Arbitration for Cloud Data

Dr.B. Mahesh



Cloud computing is a kind of computing that relies on allocation of computing resources rather than having local servers or personal devices to handle applications. Storage outsourcing became an upward trend with the arrival of the cloud computing, promoting the secure remote data auditing to be appeared in the exploration. Moreover, this exploration considers the problem of data dynamics support, public verifiability and dispute arbitration concurrently. The data dynamics problem in auditing is solved by introducing an index switcher to keep a mapping amid block indices and tag indices, and purge the passive effect of block indices in tag computation lacking incurring much overhead. We provide equality guarantee and dispute arbitration in our scheme, which ensures that both the data owner and the cloud cannot act up in the auditing process or else it is easy for a third-party arbitrator to find out the devious party. The system is extended by implementing the data dynamics and fair arbitration on groups in future. 

Keywords: Integrity auditing, public verifiability, dynamic update, arbitration, fairness

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Mahesh B. Dynamic Update and Public Auditing with Dispute Arbitration for Cloud Data. Journal of Advanced Database Management & Systems. 2017; 4(3): 14–19p.

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