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Generation of Business Intelligence by Sentimental Analysis through Big Data and Hadoop

Abhinav Juneja, Prayans Jain, Siddharth .



Online networking gives clients a platform to discuss successfully with companions, family, and partners, and gives them a stage to discuss their top pick (and minimum most loved brands). This "unstructured" discussion can provide organizations crucial understanding into how buyers see their image, and enable them to effectively settle on business choices to keep up their horizons. Fast in the volume of conclusion, rich online networking on the web has brought about an expanded enthusiasm among specialists with respect to sentimental analysis and opinion mining. In any case, with so much web-based social networking accessible on the web, sentiment analysis is presently considered as a big data assignment. The concentration of the examination was to discover such a system, to the point that can productively perform sentiment analysis on big data sets. In this paper sentiment analysis was performed on an extensive informational index of tweets utilizing Hadoop and the execution of the strategy was measured in type of speed and precision. The test result demonstrates that the procedure displays great effectiveness in taking care of huge feeling informational collections. Today, in the era of cloud and matrix, involving the incorporation of information from heterogeneous databases is unavoidable. This will end up plainly complex when size of the database is exceptionally tremendous. MapReduce is another system, particularly actualized for preparing vast datasets on conveyed sources. Hadoop has inner complex structure like MapReduce to execute the faster execution on inquiry and provides the quick outcome. To improve the execution, we are utilizing Hadoop stage which has ability to deal with big data.

Keywords: Big data, Hadoop, MapReduce

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Abhinav Juneja, Prayans Jain, Siddharth. Generation of Business Intelligence by Sentimental Analysis through Big Data and Hadoop. Journal of Advanced Database Management & Systems. 2017; 4(3):

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