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Design and Development of OLAP Tool for Data warehousing

R. P. Alamelu, R. Parimala


The complex information requirements and the ever-growing demand for increasingly sophisticated data analysis sparked the creation of a new type of data repository.  This repository contains data in formats that facilitate data extraction, data analysis, and decision making.  This data repository is known as decision support systems.  The need for more intensive decision support On Line Analytical Processing (OLAP), create an advanced data analysis environment that supports decision making, business modelling, and operations research activities. The main aim of this research work is to design and develop a user-friendly Hybrid on Line Analytical Processing (HOLAP) tool for Data Warehouse environment.  This tool contains two modules ROLAP and MOLAP.  In ROLAP module different data sources are integrated in different ways to from data warehouse.  In MOLAP module, the data cube is constructed and represented in star schema.  The OLAP operations like slicing, dicing, drilling and pivoting are all performed.  Information is also retrieved using natural language query as well as SQL. The introduction chapter contains the basic concepts of data warehousing, overview of OLAP.  The second chapter contains the details about star schema, types of OLAP and multidimensional model.  The analysis of related works is also discussed.  Goals and overview of the system are discussed in the third chapter.  Methodology, system structure and implementation are discussed in the fourth chapter.

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