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Comparison Between Machine Learning and Big Data for Spam E-mail Detection

Vibhor Bhimsariya, Aayushi Bhatt



Email spam is tasks which are sending the unwanted messages to various email customers. Email spam is the ongoing issue for each person. The email spam is nothing but a notice of any organization/item or any sort of infection which is getting by the email customer post box with no warning. To take care of this issue, the diverse spam sifting procedure is utilized. The spam sifting procedures are utilized to ensure our post box for spam sends. In this task, we will do this procedure with the assistance of Machine Learning and Big Data both. Later on we will look at them with the goal that we can examine the execution based on various criteria. 

Keywords: Machine learning, big data, Hadoop, HDFS, spam-email

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Vibhor Bhimsariya, Aayushi Bhatt. Comparison between Machine Learning and Big Data for Spam E-mail Detection. Journal of Advanced Database Management & Systems. 2019; 6(2):

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