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A Study on Social Network Mining

Vishal Mathur, Rekha Jain



A rapid increase has been seen in the recent decade in the usage of social media. Web and web 2.0 has made it easy for users to reach out to Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms. Most of the users depend on these social media platforms for news and opinions on trending topics. This type of dependence on these social media platforms have produced large amount of data in particularly three issues such as size, noise and dynamism. This paper discusses some of the data mining techniques which can be handy in taking out information from the data.

Keywords: Social Network Mining, Learning methods, Mining techniques, Neural Network, Clustering.

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Vishal Mathur, Rekha Jain. A Study on Social Network Mining. Journal of Advanced Database Management & Systems. 2019; 6(2): 36–39p.

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