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A Review of Techniques for Securing Big Data Integrated with Cloud

Chetan ., A. Khadar, Mohammed Rafi




In the era of big data and cloud computing, which are the most sophisticated technologies individually with enormous potential; these technologies when integrated can extend themselves seamlessly to solve complicated problems of day-today life. We generate enormous amount of precious data every second related to personal, business to professional field through our digital lives. Big data perfectly fits in this scenario to help us to store, process and manage this massive data. Cloud computing on the other hand is a technology with its characteristic features like on-demand service, flexibility, rapid scalability, metered usage etc. are very useful in storing and managing big data by catering the needs of broad spectrum of users ranging from individuals, medium scale enterprises to large scale organizations. Cloud computing is bundled with benefits like low cost implementation, globally advanced in technological services with zero maintenance overhead for users. With these alluring benefits there are some issues which we need to focus and fix, like security and privacy of the big data stored and accessed in cloud in order to create foolproof secure solutions. In this study we focus on surveying recently proposed techniques for securing big data over the cloud by iterating through techniques in order to find their intricacies.


Keywords: Big data, cloud computing, security, privacy, encryption


Big Data, Cloud Computing, Security, Privacy, Encryption

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