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AI Therapist using CBT Module and DNN Algorithm

Amey Sirish Pote, Rohan Pandurang Lokhande, Suruchi Narendra Revandkar, Abhijeet More


Based on the WHO report, there are various kinds of mental disorders like depression, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, and trauma-related disorders [. Despite having access to competent health care and social services, those suffering from mental illnesses are unable to seek treatment due to the stigma associated with the disease. As a result, we are creating an AI therapist chatbot that aims to be as effective as a human therapist. The first line of support for mental health patients yet provide privacy and anonymity. The solution proposes the use of CBT to analyze the user’s frame of mind. The DNN is used to pre-set weighted words from the user’s response to questions. Our program detects how the user is feeling. He may be feeling depressed, feared, angry, etc. A recommendation system can then be used to demonstrate content based on his current emotions. For instance, the program shows motivating thoughts, blogs, etc. if the user feels depressed. The result will provide guidance to the user.



CBT, chatbot, depression, mental disorder

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