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Pandemic as an Opportunity – A Study on Companies Survival by Innovation

Somya Khandelwal


It is said that every problem comes with an opportunity and it is said rightly as this Pandemic also arrives with Bucket full of opportunities. The opportunity to innovate, to create, to grow, to learn, to move forward with calculated risk. In this paper I have analyzed and tried to look for those companies who have done innovations by tapping in the opportunities during this pandemic times and because of it have seen the growth in the last quarters during and after lockdown time period. The Objectives of this Study is to 1). Review about the companies and startups who have found the new normal of doing the work. 2). Acknowledging about the innovations done by various companies during this and after this lockdown 3).Analysis about the growth of various companies in the last quarters. 4).To know about different sectors who has changed or had planned to be change in their process of doing work during this pandemic time.


Innovation, Growth, change, Opportunity, Pandemic.

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