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A Novel Multi-Wavelet Based Image Filtering Technique for Noise Reduction in Mammographic Medical Images

Swapnil Tamrakar, Abha Choubey


The digital mammographic imagery is often influenced by various types of noises and thus requires application of various filters to denoise the noise level in order to preserve the vital imagery contents. This evidently helps the medical practitioner to improve the image quality of the mammograms and helps them in giving accurate diagnosis. Though there are several works on image denoising algorithm but they aren’t much to pay emphasis over the mammographic images. In terms of application the images of importance are classified into Multispectral Image (used for satellite surveillance), RGB standard colour scheme based Image or other digital versions of the film image i.e., in our case its mammographic image. Here is the point, to every image type there is a different approach for its denoising because there are several factors that count in. In this case of mammographic image denoising, the denoising technique that is to be adopted is based on its affectivity against noises at each resolution level of the microns to enable the micro-classification of the cancerous tissues to that of the bright water dense patches caused by the calcium salts in the mammary glands. Thus, not all methods can be and is effective against the scenario of mammographic image denoising. Also, the mammographic image is influenced by several noise types and no single algorithm can give similar performance range against this noise types. Therefore, in this study we have presented a method to denoise the mammograms with higher accuracy and performance range suited for the denoising applications.


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Swapnil Tamrakar, Abha Choubey, A Novel Multi-Wavelet Based Image Filtering Technique for Noise Reduction in Mammographic Medical Images. Journal of Advanced Database Management & Systems. 2015; 2(1): 12–17p.


Digital mammography, denoising, independent component analysis, wavelet shrinkage

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