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Review on DTN Routing Families

Akansha Shrivastava, Ekta Chauhan


Delay tolerant network are a class of emerging networks that experiences periodic and long duration changes. Compared with the traditional network, the feature which separate DTN with other networks is that there is no end to end communication path between source node and destination node. The network topology changes vigorously and non-presence of an end to end connectivity posses many challenges in the routing protocol. The routing protocols are broadly classified in two categories namely, flooding and forwarding. To create an efficient routing protocol with appropriate resource utilization, gain high message delivery, low latency and minimum overhead ratio is one of the major challenges in DTN. In this paper, we surveyed the DTN routing protocols, the issues related to the routing protocol.

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Akansha Shrivastava, Ekta Chauhan. Review on DTN Routing Families. Journal of Advanced Database Management & Systems. 2015; 2(3): 26–31p.


DTN, routing protocols, network, communication, energy

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