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A Steganography Method Based Upon JPEG and Quantization Table Modification

B.M. Alaudeen, G. Tholkappia Arasu


Steganography is an alternative to cryptography in which the secret data is embedded into the carrier in such way that only carrier is visible which is sent from transmitter to receiver without scrambling. The combination of cryptography and steganography provide high level security to the secrete information. Cover image is known as carrier image and is the original
image in which the secret data i.e., the payload is embedded. The unified image obtained after embedding the payload into the cover image is called the stego image. The recent boom in IT industry facilitates embedding data and security issues effectively. This paper presents an efficient authentication method for JPEG images based on genetic algorithms (GA). The current authentication methods for JPEG images require the receivers to know the quantization table beforehand in order to authenticate the images. Moreover, the quantization tables used in the JPEG compression are different for different quality factors, thus increasing the burden on the receivers to maintain several quantization tables. We propose a novel GAbased method which possesses three advantages. First, the computation at the receiver end is implified.

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Alaudeen BM, Tholkappia Arasu G..A Steganography Method Based Upon
JPEG and Quantization Table Modification. Journal of Advanced
Database Management & Systems. 2016; 3(2): 17–20p.


Genetic algorithms, steganography, JPEG-JSteg

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