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Privacy Aware Cross Cloud Service for Big Data Application Using Hiresome-II

Seema Pillai, Ravi D., T.K.P. Rajagopal, Vijaya Kumar S.


Cloud computing promises a scalable system for handling huge data applications like medical field analyses. For large scale data processing, a definite approach is provided by cross-cloud service. Nevertheless, the quality of potential compositions of cloud services concerns new composition and aggregation ways, particularly once some non-public clouds refuse to disclose all details of their service group action records, as a result of business privacy considerations in cross-cloud situations. Furthermore, the credibility of cross-clouds with online assistance formations could be suspicious, once a cloud fails to deliver its services in line with its promised quality. Visible of those challenges, we have a tendency to propose a privacy-aware cross-cloud service composition methodology, named HireSome-II (History record-based Service improvement method) supported its previous basic version HireSome-I. Besides, the k-means cluster is introduced into our methodology as an information filtering tool to select out representative history records. Here, we provide the review for comparison varied QoS to secure cloud services.

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Seema Pillai, Ravi D, Rajagopal TKP, Vijaya Kumar S. Privacy Aware Cross Cloud Service for Big Data Application Using Hiresome-II. Journal of Advanced Database Management & Systems. 2016; 3(2): 21–32p.


Cloud computing, big data, medical data, cross-cloud, privacy aware, k-means, Hiresome-II, Hiresome-I, QoS

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