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Query Processing and Energy Consumptions in Data Centers

Vijaya Kumar S, T.K.P. Rajagopal, Seema Pillai


Many researches are being conducted now in the field of software and hardware on energy consumption. Now a days it’s a huge challenge in front of us to handle the energy consumed for the large data centers which ideally deal with the large data transactions and storage. In the datacenters, on a daily basis many large queries are being run and a large amount of data is getting transacted, monitored and controlled. Usually all these actions are done with huge database systems which support efficient processing plans. In this paper, alternative methods to define the energy consumption plans for the database queries have been presented.

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Vijaya Kumar S, Rajagopal TKP, Seema Pillai. Query Processing and Energy Consumptions in Data Centers. Journal of Advanced Database Management & Systems. 2016; 3(2): 9–16p.


Data, data centers, database systems, query execution plans, energy consumption plans

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