Vol 7, No 1 (2020)

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Table of Contents

Research Articles

Data Hiding Techniques Using Steganography Algorithms PDF
Ashi Tyagi, Rahul Veer Singh, Srishti Sharma 12-14
Fraudulent Data Detection of Credit Card by Using Random Forest Method to Calculate ROC and Confusion Matrix PDF
A. Viswanathan, Sara Chandana, S. Kavya, T. Siddharth Reddy 15-22
Unique Approach towards Data Certainty for Data Hiding PDF
Kritika Jain, Puneet Aggarwal 27-31

Review Articles

A Review on Bus Protocols and Conversion/Translator between Different Protocols PDF
Naorem Akshay Kumar, Shuma Adhikari, Loitongbam Surajkumar Singh 1-11
Recent Strategies for Bug Triaging Techniques PDF
Pranoti Prashant Shende, Vaishali Bhujade, Prashant Shende 23-26

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