An Implementation of Hospital Management System for Casualty based on Artificial Intelligence

Abhishek Kumar, Rasika Giri, Namita Jathe, Ajinkya Marudwar, A. N Banubakode


This paper proposes Hospital Management System for Casualty Based on AI. Artificial Intelligence based casualty system provides decision making functionality without human intervention. These days thousands of people die as they do not get medical care within critical time. To get medical facility to the patient on time we have designed this system. Our system uses ANN Algorithm and kohonen’s Algorithm which uses neural network theory for proper decision making and for providing the alerts simultaneously to doctors, ambulance, blood bank, police station and others, for providing medical facilities based on type of casualty in time critical instant.


Casualty Management, WAP Gateway, General Packet Radio Service (GPRS), Artificial Intelligence, Kohonen’s Network

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