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A Survey Paper on Offline Signature Recognition with Various Techniques

Priyanka Chauhan, Nirupma Tiwari



The signature recognition (SR) and verification technique is used to appreciate and confirm character’s handwritten signature. Nowadays handwritten signature is among the most commonly permitted personal attributes for identification verification. Signature verification provides authorization in financial and business transaction. Signature verification finds its application within the area of internet banking, passport verification approach, provides authentication to candidates in public examination from their signatures, credit cards, bank cheques, etc. Due to the growing amount of handwritten signatures, it is vitally fundamental that a person offline handwritten signature to be identified uniquely. A signature is a behavioral biometric characterized by way of behavioral trait that a creator learns and acquires over a period of time and turns into his specific identification.

Keywords: Image, signature recognition, template matching, neural networks, support vector machine

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Priyanka Chauhan, Nirupma Tiwari. A Survey Paper on Offline Signature Recognition with Various Techniques. Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research & Advances. 2017; 4(2):     19–29p.

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