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A Disquisition on Artificial intelligence: and its significance in ME-BAD

Geluvaraj basavaraj


Artificial intelligence (AI) is software which is designed such a way that it can react as humans with natural intelligence (NI) and which can lessen the human work load. AI is a kind of a software or application which is developed for making decisions, resolving problems in real-time. Designing a model for the systems which must have a ability to  recall things as human being and knowing the criterion, and seize the images insight, learning from the mistakes and adopting for a self execution whenever it is essential. AI is related to more than one branch of knowledge such as computer science, linguistics, psychology, biology, philosophy for significant research. this paper discusses about the applications of the AI in the field of i) Medical field ii) Education iii) Banking and Finance iv) Agriculture v) Daily life and concludes by examining the future potential

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