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Cognitive Enhancement of the Brain: Removal of Artefacts

Yogesh R Kumar


The study aims to investigate and explore the various methods to find psychological and physiological signals of any subjects. Their pre and post data recordings are studied as a part of this study. The study is named as the “Cognitive Enhancement of the Brain.” Various features which are there in the physiological signals are actually processed to be extracted then classified and then interrelated or correlated by using various tools and techniques. We have studied the steps involved in recording the data both as pre and post by performing various task in the methodology. Some pre and post data were already given by performing some activities on the subjects previously like finding out the parts of the brain which are active while there are different emotions like happiness or sadness etc. We have studied the different ways and algorithms to check the brain activities on behalf of the data provided and the experiment done in order to get that data. In order to get that data, experimenters used MATLAB for filtering the EEG signals using ICA which is Independent Component Analysis.

We have studied the way through which the comparison of the pre and post data of the subjects on whom the experiment has been done can be performed. ICA is one of a kind of conventional method useful to reduce the artefact issues of the pre-processing of the data. Some other important facts related to brain mapping and cognitive enhancement have also been discussed in this study.

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