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Rehashing State of Art Artificial Intelligence centered Career Counselling Platforms

Tehseen Mehraj Bhat, Asifa mehraj baba


Significant impact due to the rapid computerization and digitization in workplaces have changed the nature of career counselling, choices and development processes. With the ever-changing occupational market, increased number of individuals are facing challenges to acquaintance with the imminent occupations and industries. Significant assistance is offered by career experts to enable people infer, acquire and appraise from these advancements while facilitating in career planning and selection. In India, the career counselling and guidance sector is still in its earliest stages which are based on futile and inept manual approach. Automation of career counselling and guidance process with aid of intelligent computer solutions have substantial potential while being of larger prominence. Besides, simplification of task and saving time as well as energy, diverse group of populations can be engaged and reached with support of automated solution. Numerous, State-of-Art Artificial Intelligence (AI) based schemes present in the field of career counselling and guidance have been assessed in this paper. Each scheme has been single handedly pondered while emphasizing the loopholes. Finally, the paper concludes by pointing out the challenges and open issues that need to be deliberated.

Keywords: Expert System, Career Counselling, Artificial Neural Networks, Career Guidance, Artificial Intelligence.

Cite this Article: Asifa Mehraj Baba, Tehseen Mehraj. Rehashing State of Art Artificial Intelligence Centered Career Counselling Platforms. Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research & Advances. 2020; 7(2): 28–38p.

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