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A Review on Crowd Analysis Techniques

Kinjal V. Joshi, Narendra M Patel, Mehul B. Shah



Nowadays Crowd analysis is an active open research problem in Computer Vision field. Its various applications like Crowd management, Public space design, Virtual environments, Visual surveillance, and intelligent environments attract researchers. Today security is major concerned, and any abnormal activity can automatically be detected by crowd analysis, so this research topic has got good attention of different researchers. Abnormal activity detection in the crowd is a very challenging task because of occlusion. In this paper, a survey of different crowd analysis techniques is presented. Crowd analysis can be divided among three major modules: people counting, people tracking and behavior understanding. Various methods for each module are discussed here.

Keywords: Crowd Analysis, People Counting, People Tracking, Abnormal Activity Detection

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Joshi Kinjal V, Patel Narendra M, Shah Mehul B. A Review on Crowd Analysis Techniques. Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research & Advances. 2019; 6(2): 118–125p.

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