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Optimal Cell Sizing of CMOS Two-Stage Operational Amplifier using Cuckoo Search Algorithm

Pankaj P. Prajapati, Krunal P. Acharya, Mihir V. Shah


Abstract: Operational amplifier (op-amp) is commonly used in different analog circuits such as amplifiers, oscillators, comparators, digital to analog converters, analog to digital converters, mixers etc. Manual cell sizing of a CMOS based op-amp circuit for VLSI application is a challenging, boring, and time-consuming work for engineers. So that, the automatic cell sizing of an op-amp is an eminent topic of growing technical and cost-effective significance. An evolutionary algorithm (EA) may be a proficient tool for automatic cell sizing of CMOS op-amp. In this paper, the Cuckoo Search (CS) algorithm is demonstrated for cell sizing of CMOS op-amp with desired specifications using 0.35 µm and 0.18 µm CMOS technologies. The CS algorithm is developed using C language. Ngspice circuit simulator is used as a cost function producer and assessor. This optimization process is carried out in the GCC compiler on CPU Intel core™ [email protected] GHz processor with 4 GB RAM. Simulation outcomes show that the proposed method meets desired objectives. The simulation outcomes are also compared with previous works recorded in the literature and they show that the CS algorithm outperforms other algorithms.

Keywords: Cell sizing, Evolutionary algorithm, CS algorithm, Cost function, Optimization.

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Prajapati Pankaj P, Acharya Krunal P, Shah Mihir V. Optimal Cell Sizing of CMOS Two-Stage Operational Amplifier using Cuckoo Search Algorithm. Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research & Advances. 2019; 6(2): 109–118p.

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