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A Review on Digital Image Forgeries and Their Detection

Bismah Bhat, Sheikh Riyaz ul Haq


Abstract: In today’s digital era due to the availability of large and editing tools which are easily available tempering images and changing the content of images have become the easy task. The image is manipulated in such a way that the viewers cannot detect it. Due to this, more work is being done on the internet and almost all information is conveyed by images. So the important task is to check the authentication of the image and check whether the image is original or forged. There are various techniques which we can detect the forged image. This review paper will stick to these forgery techniques. The techniques which will help us to detect the forged images are pixel-based, format-based, geometric-based, camera-based and physical-based techniques.

Keywords: Camera-based, forged image, forgery, manipulation, physical-based, tempering

Cite this Article: Bismah Rafiq, Sheikh Riyaz-ul-Haq. A Review on Digital Image Forgeries and Their Detection. Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research & Advances. 2019; 9(3): 37–43p.

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