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A Survey on Information Diffusion in OSNs based on Influence

Tabasum Sami, Zahoor Ah Najar, Amjed Husain



In social systems, information and ideas spread through the communication between different social entities. So it is important to detect the key factors in spreading the information. Finding influential entities in social network is an important issue so that they can influence largest population possible. At the same time, community structure plays a vital role in understanding the dynamics of a social system. Many researches have been done for identifying influential spreaders. In this study, we have divided information diffusion according to their influence. Three important distinctions have been done on the basis of influence and also an extensive survey on the influence due to a node, community detection and on influence maximization. We are trying to succinct various state-of-art methods and algorithms used by various researchers.

Keywords: OSN (online social network), influence maximization, centrality, probabilistic model.

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Tabasum Sami, Zahoor Ah Najar, Amjed Husain. A Survey on Information Diffusion in OSNs based on Influence. Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research & Advances. 2019; 6(2): 25–31p.

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