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Inside the Mind of the Machine: An Exploratory Study of Street Fighter Players using Voice Recognition System

Ashima Arya, Sapna Juneja, Meenakshi Aggarwal, Abhinav Juneja



Computer games are part of our modern way of life. However, sure classes of human beings are excluded from this shape of leisure and social interaction because they are not able to use the interface of video games. The cause for this may be deficits in motor manage, vision or listening. By the use of automated speech popularity structures (ASR), voice pushed instructions may be used to control the game, which may for that reason open up the opportunity for people with motor system trouble to be blanketed in game communities. The aim of this study is to discover a preferred way of using voice instructions in games which makes use of a speech popularity gadget within the backend and that can be universally applied for designing inclusive games.


Keywords: Pygame, Python, voice recognition system, multithreading, event handling, sprites, sprite sheets

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