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AI Robot for Sewer Inspection and Cleaning

Ayush Sharma, Ragini Sharma


The advancement in technology has provided solutions to many practical problems that humans  encounter in day to day activities. Even today manual scavenging of the drainage is practiced in almost  all places of India, wherein men enter the manholes and clean the waste materials in the drainage  manually with no technical equipment. According to study, in Mumbai on an average, consistently 20  sewer laborers pass on because of mishaps and suffocation or openness to harmful gases. The proposed  system is an innovative, fully autonomous, artificial intelligence based sewer inspection, blockage  detection and clearance robot. Arduino Nano with sensors detects poisonous gases, the blockage and  uses appropriate tools to clear the clog depending on it’s hardness. Generally, 70% of the blockages are  caused due to soft clogs and the rest of the 30% are caused due to the hard clogs. The soft clogs are  removed using a water jet attached to the sewer cleaning system. The system has a cutter blade controlled  by hub motors for removing hard clogs. The artificial intelligence system pre-process the sewer wall  images captured through a camera attached in the system, does feature extraction and uses convolution  neural network classifiers to predict the severity of the damaged inner walls of the sewer and reports it to  the authorities. 

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