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Evolution of Technology in The Era of COVID-19

Lakshay Tanwani, Dr. Anurika Mehta, Kunal Sharma, Manvendra Singh Rathore


The outbreak of COVID-19 (Corona virus Disease) brought the life to a standstill. Due to this pandemic, we got to know that nothing is permanent in the life. As the whole world got affected due to this pandemic, it was technology which made our life easier. Technology refers to the application of scientific knowledge in our practical life to make our tasks easier. As we are living in the era of technology and innovation, it provided us the ease to access the life from our comfort without getting affected with the virus. The whole world got dependent on the technology. We invented new ways to communicate, work and live like that we had never thought before. Corona taught us to change ourselves according to need of time. We got to know the new terms of life to survive accordingly like Quarantine, Social distancing, Lockdown any many more. We found a new to way survive with the help of technology.The broad objective of this paper is to analyze the new technologies and their advancements during the pandemic. This paper also discusses the various aspects of modern technology used during the pandemic to make our life’s easier. It also includes a complete description and study of the technologies developed during the pandemic.


Advancement, Online learning, Virtual interaction, Contact tracing, Over the top, Artificial intelligence, E- learning, Robots, EGAPA, Intelligent evaluation system.

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