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Adaptive Facial Recognition Algorithm For Partially Occlude Images

Priya Matte, Rohit Raja


In the present study we present an innovative approach towards countering the problem of partial occlusion in face recognition scenario. The partial occlusion can be caused by various objects such as scarfs, sunglasses etc., and its effects are confounding in the performances of the recognition rates. The framework tends to mathematically model the curvature and other essential features of the face such as micro-expression and the curves of the facial regions. This, significantly enhances the probability of matching the parent image to that of the occlude image. The proposed algorithm is tested over Extended Yale B and CMU PIE standardized datasets.


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Priya Matte, Rohit Raja. Adaptive Facial Recognition Algorithm For Partially Occlude Images. Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research & Advances. 2015; 2(1): 25–32p.


Facial recognition, face detection, algorithm design and analysis

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