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Vision Based Gesture Recognition Techniques: A Review

Avinash S Pathare, Supriya O Rajankar


With the ever-growing use of computers in the society, it is clearly seen that present popular mode of interactions with computers is mouse and keyboard. Mouse and keyboard will become an inconvenient way to convey information to the computers. Nowadays there are intelligent systems in which the flow of information takes place without any physical contact. The vision based (camera) gesture recognition has the potential to be a natural and powerful tool supporting efficient and spontaneous interaction between the human and the computer. Visual interpretation of hand gestures can help in achieving the ease and naturalness desired for Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). HCI has driven many researchers in computer vision-based analysis and understanding of hand gestures as a very active research area. This paper reviews some major developments and the recent evolution in the field of hand gesture recognition techniques. While providing a Non-Exhaustive catalog of the huge amount of past research in the field, the paper reviews in more detail vision-based approaches. We will discuss several traditional and new applications of gesture recognition in this paper. We surveyed the literature on the visual analysis of hand gestures in the context of its role in HCI and emphasized numerous important works of researchers. The tenacity of this review is to introduce the field of gesture recognition as a mechanism for interaction with computers. The aim of hand gesture recognition researchers is to develop such a system that will easily identify gestures and use them for a variety of application ranging from sign language to virtual reality.

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Avinash S. Pathare, Supriya O. Rajankar. Vision Based Gesture Recognition Techniques: A Review. Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research & Advances. 2015; 2(3): 1–8p.


Hand gestures, human-computer interaction, model-based approach, recognition, vision-based approach

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