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A Survey Over Preprocessing and Similarity Matching of Trademark Images Based on Color

Numa Bajaj, Jagbir Singh Gill


Relevant retrieval from a large high dimension data set is quite cumbersome but a significant task to survive in this world of images. A company’s trademark plays an important in expansion of its business. In this paper techniques have been discussed to retrieve the trademark images on the basis of its color feature. Color is a very important part of any image. It provides strong descriptor and also helps them to distinguish between two images. Therefore, many techniques have been explained thoroughly in this paper to describe the color features and their advantages and disadvantages. Special emphasis has been laid on how similarity matching is performed in each of the techniques, which include color histogram, color correlogram, color moments and various color descriptors.

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Numa Bajaj, Jagbir Singh Gill. A Survey over Preprocessing and Similarity Matching of Trademark Images Based on Color. Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research & Advances. 2015; 2(3): 17–26p.


Color histogram, Color correlogram, Color moments, Color descriptor

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