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A Review on Image Retrieval with Its Application and Techniques

Bhoomika Gupta, Shilky Shrivastava


In the field of image processing, image retrieval is one of the most dynamic exploration field in the previous few years. In the image retrieval three main categories there are text-based, content-based and semantic-based. In content based image retrieval (CBIR) images are retrieved from their visual content such as color, texture and shapes. CBIR is used to effectively retrieve required images from a large collection of images. In this paper, the methods of CBIR are discussed, analyzed and compared. There are some different techniques for extracting color, texture and shape features. CBIR is a very important research area in the field of image processing, and comprises of low level feature extraction, such as color, texture and shape and similarity measures for the comparison of images. CBIR is the retrieving the images task from the huge database collection on the basis of the own visual content. Content ased Image Retrieval is used for image retrieval and automatic indexing depending upon the contents of images known as features. Various content-based image retrieval techniques are available for retrieving the required and classify images we are reviewing them.

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Gupta B, Shrivastava S. A Review on Image Retrieval with its Application and Techniques. Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research and Advances. 2015; 2(3): 27–35p.


Content based image retrieval (CBIR), image retrieval , text based image retrieval [TBIR]

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