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Analysis of Image Coders

Shefa Hasnain, Sadiya Bakhshi, Shazia Asif, Monauwer Alam



In this paper we work on the performance analysis of well-known image compression algorithm i.e., wavelet based image compression which is Set Partition in Hierarchical Tree (SPIHT) and also no list SPIHT (NLS). As SPIHT uses three variable lists which require large hardware implementation and hence extra cost and high encoding and decoding time is required but NLS use marker instead of list which are placed on lower nodes of insignificant tree hence it requires less hardware and hence it is less complex then SPIHT and time of decoding and encoding is also inferior to SPIHT. The algorithm are implemented in MATLAB and compared using the parameter peak signal to noise ratio PSNR, encoding time and decoding time. Using the NLS technique the image obtained has less encoding as well as decoding time as compared to SPIHT but in context SNR SPIHT is better.


Keywords: SPIHT, NLS, PSNR, Performance analysis, Bits per pixel

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Shefa Hasnain, Sadiya Bakhshi, Shazia Asif et al. Analysis of image coders. Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research & Advances. 2016; 3(3):     26–30p.

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