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Survey Paper of Image Forensics based on Tampering Detection using Feature Extraction Technique

Saira Baghel, Priya Pathak, Sandeep Gupta



The digital images (DI) are becoming vital components in the field of statistics forensics and protection. Because of the popularity of picture enhancing tools, DI may be altered. Therefore, it is ought to create forensic strategies that are able to detect tampering in pictures. Image forensic (IF) is a vital part of many investigations. The numerous low-cost effective digital tools have enabled easy picture creation, change and distribution, which make fraudulent picture forgeries simpler than ever. In this paper, we used to feature extraction techniques.

Keywords: Image forensic, image tampering, feature extraction techniques

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Saira Baghel, Priya Pathak, Sandeep Gupta. Survey Paper of Image Forensics Based on Tampering Detection Using Feature Extraction Technique. Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research & Advances. 2017; 4(1): 33–42p.

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