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NLP Related to Artificial Intelligence

Ishan Pandita


Natural language processing is a branch of software engineering and artificial intelligence which is varied with association amongst PCs and human dialects. Natural language processing is the investigation of scientific and computational demonstration of different parts of dialect and the improvement of an extensive variety of frameworks. These incorporate the spoken language frameworks that coordinate discourse and natural language. Natural language processing is a part in software engineering because numerous parts of the field manage semantic components of calculation. Natural language processing is a territory of research and application that investigates how PCs can be utilized to comprehend and control normal language or discourse to do helpful things. The utilizations of natural language processing incorporate fields of study, for example, machine interpretation, natural language text processing and outline, UIs, multilingual and cross language information retrieval (CLIR), speech recognition, artificial intelligence (AI) and master frameworks.

Keywords: Natural language processing (NLP), cross language information retrieval (CLIR), artificial intelligence (AI)

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Ishan Pandita. NLP Related to Artificial Intelligence. Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research & Advances. 2017; 4(1): 21–26p.

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