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Hundred Percent Secure and Pure Steganography without Password Protection

Alok Sharma, Nidhi Sharma, V. K. Srivastva



In this digital world, various security schemes and algorithms are intended to protect information from intruder, attacker and unwanted parties. This is the example of pure steganography which does not take help of cryptography and password protection. Normally, steganography without the help of cryptography is not considered 100% secure. Along with cryptography, steganographic algorithms available in market are protected with password security. In this paper, steganographic algorithm which is 100% secure and is impossible to break by any tool available in the market, is explained which cannot be detected by any technique or tools available in the market with attackers, unwanted parties and intruders. In this paper, an algorithm to secure data in online transmission is proposed which is an example of pure steganography and provides 100% security to online data.

Keywords: Pure steganography, algorithm, secure data, cryptography, password security

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Alok Sharma, Nidhi Sharma, Srivastva VK. Hundred Percent Secure and Pure Steganography without Password Protection. Journal of Advancements in Robotics. 2017; 4(3): 18–21p.

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