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Multi-Class Automatic Emotion Classifier

Aabiroo Bader, Amjad Husain Bhat


Now a day’s various social networking sites has become a very popular communication tool among internet users across the world. People keep on updating their status, thoughts, opinions, suggestions etc. across the continent which often includes their emotions and sentiments. Therefore social networking sites are rich sources of data for opinion mining and sentiment analysis. In this paper, we are focusing on using Twitter, the most popular social networking platform, as its emotion corpus for analysis. Using the corpus, we will be designing an emotion classifier that will be able to determine the emotion class of the future data.

Keywords: Sentiment analysis, emotion analysis, emotion classifier, Word-Net Affect, Word2Vec.

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Aabiroo Bader, Amjad Husain Bhat. Multi- Class Automatic Emotion Classifier. Journal of Advancements in Robotics. 2018; 5(1): 15–25p.

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