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An Aggregated Solution for Optimization of Marriage Logistics in South Asia: Amethi Case Study

Abhayesh Maurya, Aman Sinha, Chandrika Prasad Yadav, Surya Prakash Dwivedi


The main aim of our project is to create an Android application to plan and organize wedding events,especially in rural areas and small cities. Using the drag and drop feature in 3D stage designing customers canchoose layout of stage and design stage decoration of their own choice. An android application with very interactive interface which help users to find all the required resources & services in considerable amount which is the key of this project. In this application people can check and compare the list of the different vendors and venues which are authorized by administrator and have their name in the list of Vendors and Venues. As the price and rating is also mentioned in this list(vendors and venues list) which will make easierfor the users to decide what should they have to choose according to their budget.They can compare different vendors and venues by price and rating and choose accordingly. This application also helpssmall vendors to establish their business,who are new into the market, they can register themselves in this application and start their business. Once they registered they are available in the list(vendors and venues list). So, user can check them while visiting the list. This application also suggests users about wedding planning and organizing by the help of blogs. In blog section user can see some suggestion for organizing wedding (like latest trend, locations etc.).Application also consist cart view for the users so they can sort their selected items from list of items. Therefore, they don’t need to worry about selected items.

Keywords: Wedding, Android application, 3D stage layout, management, firebase

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Abhayesh Maurya, Aman Sinha, Chandrika Prasad Yadav et al. An Aggregated Solution for Optimization of Marriage Logistics in South Asia: Amethi Case Study. Journal of Advancements in Robotics. 2018; 5(1): 26–33p.

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