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Impregnability Framework For PMO

Sapna Bajaj


Artificial Intelligence, when used with desired hardware systems has proven to be effective and smart than human surveillance and CCTV's, satellites are taking positions of watchmen and guardians for monitoring purposes with basic security concepts and development of AI aided security systems takes in use of what we have learnt over the period of our course. The proposed network security model for the Prime Minister’s office (PMO) includes both the conventional approach which is used by the government today as well as an up gradation of the traditional approach to fix the various vulnerabilities that it proposes. In the paper, the research have given sets of detailed security policies governing a wide variety of topics such as the hardware to be used, emergency response, basic mail and file sharing policies etc. Apart from the defining these policies, approaches have implemented the database credentials policy based on a Role Based Access Control Measure that we made relating to the hierarchy of the PMO.

Keywords: AI security, artificial intelligence, intrusion prevention system, network security

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Sapna Bajaj, Gurminder Kaur. Impregnability Framework for PMO.
Journal of Advancements in Robotics. 2018; 5(2): 11–16p.

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