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Fuzzy Logic and Internet of Things based Automatic Three Phase Changeover

Ashitosh Sah


Three phase supply is preferred over single-phase supply not only in commercial sector but also in residential sector due to its ability of supplying uniform and less fluctuating power. However phase cuts or phase failure may occur in a three phase supply due to a disturbed transformer or any other technological factor. This generally renders one phase inoperative. A commonly available solution is manual three phase changeover switch. Manual switching leads to time wastage , is  strenuous to operate and error due to human factor may result in damage of equipment and in some cases firebreak The project proffers a more reliable solution to the already existing manual switching by modeling an automatic changeover system that collaborates techniques of Fuzzy Logic and Internet of Things (IoT). Fuzzy logic controller continuously monitors load distribution and state of the system. The controller flashes a warning in case of uneven load distribution and automatically detects overload or failure of a particular phase and assures instantaneous transition to the appropriate phase without human intervention. It also insures that after restoration of normal operating conditions the phase shift is reverted thus preventing overloading and damage.

Keywords: Fuzzy logic, Internet of Things, three phase power supply

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Ashitosh Sah, Sohit Agarwal. Fuzzy Logic and Internet of Things based Automatic Three Phase Changeover. Journal of Advancements in Robotics. 2018; 5(3): 1–11p.

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