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Anatomization of Haptic Technology in Virtual Sphere

Naman Sharma, Nikita Gautam


Abstract- In the course of modern technology and virtual world haptic technology has grown fastly. The work done in this field is continuously entertaining the need of today’s society. The objective of this review paper was to speculate and identify the current scenario of the virtual reality work. The amount of work which has been driven out is enhancing the application-based study in many field such as medical and military. The diverse form of haptic rendering calculations are talked about in it. This paper aims at summerizing Haptic technology, its gadgets and other aspects of this technology and have incorporated the basic idea of this technology for the future enhancement. Haptic technology is fastest growing technology in virtual sphere.

Keywords- haptics, haptic rendering

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Naman Sharma, Nikita Gautam. Anatomization of Haptic Technology in Virtual Sphere. Journal of Advancements in Robotics. 2019; 6(2): 1–3p.

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