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Active Vision Approach for Controlling Educational Robotic Arm with Autonomous Object Manipulation

Neerparaj Rai, Bijay Rai


This research presents an autonomous robotic framework for academic, vocational and training purpose. The platform is centred on a six-degree-of-freedom (DOF) serial robotic arm. Two on-board cameras developed a computer vision system for detection and autonomous object/target manipulation placed randomly on a target surface and controlling an educational robotic arm (ERA) to pick it up and move it to a predefined destination. Force sensitive resistor (FSR) has been used as a sensory element for handling soft and sturdy objects. The system applies centre-of-mass based computation, filtering and color segmentation algorithm to locate the target and position of the robotic arm. The proposed platform finds its potential to teach technical courses (like Robotics, Control systems, Electronics, Image-processing and Computer vision) and to implement and validate advanced algorithms for object manipulation and grasping, trajectory generation, path planning, etc. Experimental results demonstrated the effectiveness and robustness of the system.

Keywords: computer vision, robotic arm, autonomous system


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