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Machine Vision Robot with Real Time Sensing

Ganesh V. N., Sachin Gururaj Acharya, Subramanya Bhat, Yashas S. V.


Till now by giving the commands through voice we were able to control the robot but we can’t be there every where all the time so to give command through the voice some time we may face difficulty. So in our paper we are giving the commands through the text images. The robot captures it, after processing the image it react to the command which is in the text image. So here no need of using voice command. We have described an efficient method for localizing a mobile robot in an environment with landmarks. We assume that the robot can identify landmarks along with that it is able measure its bearings relatively. The inputs are given from the environment with the help of a camera. The image processing has been done using matlab. Different feature extraction techniques are used to process the image. We present results of simulations, with that we propose how to use our method for robot navigation. We are using Arduino in designing of the robot. In our paper we are going to add speedometer to the robot so that the distance travelled by the robot will be measured. Using the GSM module the distance travelled by the robot is sent to the user mobile. Also the robot sends the message to the user mobile whether the robot reached the destination successfully or not using the GSM module.

Keywords: Image processing, land mark identification, GSM module, feature extraction, robot

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