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Advancement in Technology During COVID

Hemant Dadhich


Technology has played an indispensable role in survival during pandemic situations. From the initial stages of the COVID till the invention of the vaccine, technology has provided various means to live in such a pandemic situation. Technology has availed us with highly proficient resources to detect the COVID symptoms. It has also played a key role in WFH in various companies, industries, Business and also in education and learning. Many precautionary steps have been taken with the help of new technology. Various Contact tracing applications have been developed in different companies to have a check on the data like number of infectants, treatments, mortality etc. Misinformation also became a survival threat during the pandemic. Telecom services have also made efforts to stop the spread of COVID. AI, Internet, 5G, Cloud etc. were the main contributing domains of the technology. Mostly every domain of the Technology has performed a vital role in survival during COVID. As we all know ‘Necessity is the mother of all inventions’ and here in this scenario our necessity was to make preventive measures for survival during the pandemic. And innovation in the field of Tech to provide needed conditions. Thus, the increase in needs of the population is the Advancement of Technology.


Innovation during pandemic, Survival during COVID pandemic, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Technology

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