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Food Recipe Finder Web Application Based on Similarity of Materials

Usaid Kaleskar, Ziyad Surve, Saquib Shaikh, Babita Bhagat


This project report is entitled “Food recipe finder web application based on similarity of materials”. The main objective of the study is to solve the problems faced by many people regarding cooking. Cooking has been a huge burden for many people, mostly bachelors. So, to conquer this problem, our team is developing a web application to make cooking easier for these people. This application is an online platform especially for the people facing cooking issues. These people mostly suffer three scenarios. Different modules included in this project will help people facing different scenarios. Except for home and login page, there will be total three modules included in this project. In the first module, the user will input all the ingredients he/she have at the moment and what and how can he/she prepare using those ingredients, will appear on their screen. In the second module, the user will input the main dish and all the ingredients will appear on his/her screen. Inthe third module, the user just has to upload a picture of the prepared dish along with the ingredients and the exact or similar dish will appear on the user’s screen. First two modules will take data set and third module will take machine learning algorithm. The study recommends to solving cooking issues and to make people a great cook oneday.



Cooking issues, data set, machine learning, algorithm, web application

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