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Automate Voice Controlled Robot Using Raspberry Pi 3b+

Vikash Sharma, Vrutik Parvadiya, Rohan Naik


As, robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) is a subfield of engineering dedicated to research and development. There are a lot of researchers working on to enhance the connection between robots and humans through AI. The proposed system presents the research of the designing and development of a voice controlled talking robot using AI and IOT device. The proposed system is based on microcontroller Raspberry Pi. The client will utilize an android worked PDA to provide voice order. The command can be fetched using a Flutter based app which will convert the voice command into text. The phone will be connected with microcontroller using a Bluetooth module. After conversation of the voice command into text by Flutter based app, it will send necessary data to the microcontroller using Bluetooth of the phone and microcontroller will receive the data using Bluetooth module. As per the order, the robot will push ahead, in reverse, left, right or completely self-ruling. Development of the robot and it will work with the microcontroller to control two distinctive engines of left and right by controlling the course of turn of engines. An ultrasonic sensor will be interfaced to distinguish snag and assist robot with working.


Flutter, robotics, Raspberry Pi, NLP, Bluetooth module, ultrasonic sensors

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