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Implementation of Load Flow Analysis using NR method

Anshu Pandey, Siddharth Dahiya, Sageer Mohammad, Vivek Pandey


Load flow studies are one of the most important aspects of power system analysis and design. This paper presents an optimal analysis technique for load flow analysis using Newton Raphson Algorithm for solving set of nonlinear equations. The main objective of load flow analysis is to evaluate the magnitude and phase angle of voltage at each bus as well as real and reactive power flowing in each transmission line. For load flow analysis of a transmission network, there are several methods of mathematical calculations which consists of several steps depending on the number of buses in a transmission network or the size of the transmission network. These mathematical computations can be done by using several mathematical algorithms like lambda iteration and gradient methods to find optimal solution of a set of no linear equations. In this paper we have used the most known and mostly used method, Newton Raphson method to solve set of nonlinear equations. In this project we have developed programming algorithm to implement complex NR mathematical calculations and implemented in MATLAB programming interface.

Keywords: Newton Raphson Method, Real and Reactive power, Power flow

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Anshu Pandey, Siddharth Dahiya, Sageer Mohammad et al. Implementation of Load Flow Analysis using NR Method. Journal of Advancements in Robotics. 2015; 2(3): 8–13p.

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