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High Efficient Broad Band Microstrip Patch Antenna

Anil Kumar Verma, Vinod Kumar Singh, Nikhil Kumar Singh


In this article, an innovative design is proposed to develop a horizontally polarized microstrip patch antennas for WLAN applications. In this paper plus shape microstrip antenna is proposed with patch length 29.4 mm, width 38 mm, dielectric constant 4.4 and substrate thickness of 1.6 mm. Simulated results of proposed antenna such as; bandwidth, return loss, Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR) and smith chart is presented. The proposed antenna is simulated with the help of IE3D software. The proposed antenna is best suitable for WLAN application.

Keywords: Microstrip antenna, wide band, VSWR, IE3D software

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Anil Kumar Verma, Vinod Kumar Singh, Nikhil Kumar Singh. High Efficient Broad Band Microstrip Patch Antenna. Journal of Advancements in Robotics. 2016; 3(1): 13–17p.

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