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A Brief Study on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Apoorva Sneha Singh



In this paper, presentation of the subject “Artificial Intelligence or AI” is done and our way to deal with the subject: that AI is the investigation of operators that exist in a domain and see and act. Artificial intelligence includes two essential thoughts. To begin with, it includes concentrating the points of view of individuals. Second, it manages speaking to those procedures by means of machines (like PCs, robots, and so on). One of the fundamental advantages of AI and machine learning is that it gives client a chance to do different works at the same time. The client can focus on perception and manual operations, and still control the hardware by info summons.


Keywords: AI (Artificial Intelligence), Turing test.

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Apoorva Sneha Singh. A Brief Study on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Journal of Advancements in Robotics. 2017; 4(1): 6–8p.

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