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Performance evaluation of a hybrid dispersion compensation technique (DCF + FBG) for the deployment of WDM optical systems

Riya Sinha, Dr. Amit Kumar Garg, Swati Tyagi


A 4-channel WDM optical communication system is configured and a hybrid dispersion compensation technique which realizes the transmission of signals over a 120 km single mode optical fiber is proposed in the present article. The hybrid scheme which is put forward in this paper involves the combination of (post + pre) DCF module and a FBG module. The proposed layout is simulated using the Optisystem 15.0 software and the simulation results demonstrate that this scheme compensates dispersion to an optimal level by providing maximum Q-factor value of 26.9644 and minimum BER value of 1.29225 e-160. The set of simulation parameters and the layout parameters used for the analysis are also mentioned in the paper.

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