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Performance Investigation of Hybrid Raman- EDFA amplifier in WDM network

Swati Tyagi, Dr. Amit Kumar Garg, Riya Sinha


A composite layout of Erbium-Doped-Fiber amplifier(EDFA) and Raman amplifier is put forward to retrieve a better performance in terms of gain, noise figure and flat gain. It is based on the optimal configuration of parameters of a singly based Raman amplifier and EDFA. The leading parameter for both the amplification has been analysed with respect to its input signal, power, pump power and their fiber length although the best erbium ion density is also considered in EDFA setup. All the parameters are assorted to some values to get the optimum result. The simulation is done through Optisystem 13.0 software. The hybrid configuration consists of Raman amplifier with multi pump power setup and bidirectional pump power of EDFA with the pump wavelength of 980 nm is designed and simulated to achieve higher gain and lower noise margin. After simulating hybrid configuration, the optimal output has been achieved. The flat gain obtained is between 1530 and 1600 nm which includes C and L band frequency.

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